Our Services

Properties Management

Supervision and management of real estate by a third party, a property management company, or even a property management program, and this involves the management of real estate owned by another party, establishment, or company.

Real Estate Brokerage

High-quality real estate brokerage services, where we help our customers with the search for a real estate broker, and we contract with real estate owners to display and sell their real estate, in addition to making a comparison with similar.


We make plans that contribute to the quick completion of the leasing of real estate units, based on the available spaces, and our knowledge of the tenants' needs and requirements, and we also work on evaluating the space that is leased.

Real Estate Marketing

Our service includes market research, making a successful marketing plan, and reaching the right customer for the right products at the right time and at the right price. Our strategies depend on accurately identifying the target audience.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management services include maintenance and management of various residential and commercial buildings such as hotels, resorts, schools, office complexes, sports arenas and conference centers.


An integrated property management service where we are responsible for all administrative and financial aspects of the facilities, which includes general accounts, budget, billing for services provided, collection operations, and others.

SAKANI Products Finance Guide

At Lan Real Estate Company, we provide guidance services for those looking for a suitable home in cooperation with the SAKANI program, in addition to various real estate financing services.

In-kind Real Estate Registration

Through this service, we aim to unify the supervision of real estate registration with one entity with ease and to ensure the accuracy of information and data for all types of real estate.

Real estate broker for marketing for small and medium enterprises on the map

We help you market, offer, sell, and lease your real estate at the best possible price on the map within a legal and official framework based on systematic and studied methods of marketing.