Chairman Message

Our company is a real estate brokerage company committed to understanding the basic needs of its customers and thus helping them to make the right decision for any real estate service. We have more than 30 years of experience in real estate services in general and in managing commercial centers in particular, and we have an insistence on completing our journey in the field of real estate, thanks to God and then our wise government besides the care and development of the real estate culture provided by the Ministry of Housing, General Real Estate Authority, Saudi Real Estate Institute, and the Off-Plan Sale Committee, which provided us with a lot of information, courses, and help enabling us to provide our services in order to achieve Vision 2030, which constituted a new phase and a unique qualitative leap. It made us look deeper into the future, and we fully trust our abilities to achieve our goals with determination and dedication and our ability to participate in real estate companies to advance the conduct of real estate business to suit all the needs, desires, and requests of different customers because the real estate sector is one of the safest, growing and most profitable investment fields as it is the most stable market of all. In terms of the economy, and in light of the progress, development, and great growth in this field and to meet The needs of our customers, the idea of ​​establishing Lan Real Estate Company was an ambitious vision, and God willing, we are worthy of it.”