Managing properties or assets is a process in which the work of managing and supervising the operation of real estate, personal property, or other property matters of a person or another entity is carried out.

We provide our clients with an integrated property management service, where we are responsible for all administrative and financial aspects of the facilities, which includes general accounts, budget and billing for services provided, late money collections, development and submission of financial reports, contract management, preparation for meetings, coordination of maintenance tasks, implementation of applicable rules, communications and warning letters and general secretarial duties.

We also prepare the draft budget and review it by the financial auditor or the chartered accountant, in addition to making the agreed changes after the review by the financial committees or the financial auditor.

At Lan Real Estate, we also help owners develop the value of their properties by studying revenue improvement and reducing operating costs to a minimum, by achieving the best value for the property, as we deal with our client’s properties as if our own.