Property management

Property management means the supervision and management of real estate by a third party, a property management company, or even a property management program, and this involves the management of real estate owned by another party, facility, or company. It may be the management of real estate, commercial or residential properties, but it is usually for investment properties such as apartment buildings, villas, commercial centers or malls on behalf of the owner to maintain ownership while achieving income and includes:

  • Set a competitive rental rate
  • Real estate marketing
  • Signing and certifying  lease contracts through a EJAR network
  • Reception of tenants
  • Handing over and receiving the real estate units by signing the forms of the Real Estate General Authority
  • Follow up on the collection of rent and issuance of receipt vouchers from a rental network
  • Eviction of tenants
  • Financial Affairs Administration
  • Conclusion of contracts for the maintenance and cleaning of the property
  • Supervision of the tenant’s exit
  • Making a property management plan