Real estate brokerage

The real estate brokerage process constitutes a working system through which the parties associated with the real estate purchase contract are brought together, and the real estate broker is the link in this system. Brokerage is a great helper in evaluating the real estate for the seller and the buyer due to the complete information possesses about the real estate prices.

At Lan Real Estate, we provide high-quality real estate brokerage services, as we burden our customers with the trouble of searching for a real estate broker, and we contract with real estate owners to display and sell their properties, in addition to making a comparison with similar properties that were sold in order to determine the best prices.


We also provide a distinguished group of private and appropriate real estate consultancy in the purchase, sale, and leasing operations in relation to the needs of the real estate market and appropriate activities for real estate and its services. We provide advisory solutions and integrated mediation services for the marketing and management of real estate projects. Our services include: